Morning Safari

Jaisalmer Best Desert Safari Camp

Morning Desert Safaris in Jaisalmer are a popular choice for travellers for a reason. Does starting your day in the heart of a Royal desert retreat sound appealing to you? Regardless of the time of day, the Jaisalmer desert has an alluring charm to it – just after daybreak offers something very special. With the fresh air, morning breeze and the golden glow of the early sun, spending the morning in the tranquil atmosphere of the great outdoors sets the tone for another great day in Jaisalmer..

Morning Desert Safari pick up from the camp around 6 o’clock taking with the Jeep &camel going to the Thar Desert going to the Royal desert there you can see the beautiful sunrise and drink soft drinks and tea and coffee and take nice photography after bringing the camp get the morning breakfast

We have a range of morning Desert Safaris to choose from Our Collection. Whether you are interested in a traditional experience where you get to meet local Bedouin and learn about their traditions and cultural heritage, or a more sophisticated venture in an exclusive setting, we have the Desert Safari for you.

On the Falconry & Wildlife Safaris, in addition to the world-class falcon show, the tours also include extraordinary interactive birds of prey demonstrations offered exclusively on these morning Desert Safaris. Our Sunrise Hot Air Balloon & Wildlife Safari is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and only offered as a morning Desert Safari.

  • Conservation Drive includes wildlife drive in Range Rovers in the Jaisalmer Desert Conservation Reserve, stop at a lake with bird sanctuary and breakfast in the luxury resort.
  • Private Falconry includes falconry with traditional and hi-tech training techniques, wildlife drive in Range Rovers, breakfast at the Desert Resort.
  • Sunrise Hot Air Balloon & Wildlife Safari includes sunset hot air balloon ride, falconry from the sky, buffet breakfast in a Bedouin camp and a wildlife drive in vintage Jeeps through the  Desert Conservation Reserve.
  • Platinum Falconry & Wildlife Safari includes falconry and an interactive birds of prey demonstration, impressive breakfast in at an exclusive desert oasis and luxury wildlife drive in Jeeps.
  • Heritage Falconry & Wildlife Safari includes falconry and an interactive birds of prey.

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